Milestone Event Trend #5 – Customer Experience Journey

As many of the trends in this series have pointed out, expectations of attendees have grown exponentially. The most successful events are the ones that blow those expectations out of the water by making an unparalleled event experience, from start to finish, operational.

The key word here is: operational.

At Total Event Resources, we refer to this as the Attendee Experience Journey. This is done by mapping out the touchpoints an attendee has with your event – from the moment they first engage with it (the website), to when they first arrive on site (registration), to when they interact with your content, to when they leave your event venue…and everything in-between. Allowing you to interweave purposeful moments of wow throughout your attendee’s experience.

Because it’s the moments of wow (not the expected and mundane) that evoke excitement, create memories and incite chatter around your event.

Recently, we were tasked with creating an event that celebrated the merging of 3 business units for a global corporation. Our challenge was authentically celebrating the company’s rich Japanese heritage, highlighting their cutting-edge workspace, incorporating a ribbon cutting, speeches and a VIP reception as well as attracting strategic business partners, dignitaries, corporate executives and employees – all during a 2.5 hour event…on a work day.

Using our Attendee Experience Journey we mapped out an adventure that began with world-famous Taiko drummers playing traditional beats as guests poured into both the conference room and overflow space. Once they got settled, guests were honored with speeches from senior executives, the Mayor, and the Consul General of Japan. For the ribbon cutting we unveiled a surprise Kagami Biraki (sake barrel ceremony) where five company executives ceremonially broke the lid of a sake barrel with wooden mallets while dressed in “happi” coats with the corporate crest. Guests joined in the celebratory toast with custom-branded sake cups. Once the ceremony was over, employees showed guests around the new facility. Strategically-placed food stations and bars encouraged guests to pause in the most interesting areas, and information panels explained the building’s LEED designation, innovative practices and company values. After an enlightening afternoon, guests were gifted with sake cups for a lasting memento of the day.

The client couldn’t have been happier:
“Your company’s professionalism and vast experience helped to keep the preparation process smooth and on target, and you’ve been the epitome of professionalism and transparency in operations.” – Chairman, President/CEO


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