"Our entire team is thrilled to win this award," says Senior Account Executive Donna Collins, seen here with Dennis Selle of PepsiCo. "We've won industry awards in the past, but to have a client recognize our work with their own award is extremely gratifying."

After three years of bold, successful and award-winning meetings for the National Fleet and Other Goods and Services Group at PepsiCo, Total Event Resources has been named one of PepsiCo’s Suppliers of the Year 2011. Nominated by several stakeholders within the PepsiCo organization, Total Event Resources has been credited as a “strategic partner” for the giant refreshment company.

‘Pioneering Implementation’

“What makes Total Event Resources so different and special,” says Dennis Selle of the PepsiCo Global Fleet Procurement Team, “is their pioneering implementation of a truly out-of-the-box approach to planning our meetings. It has been a key to our operational success in the past three years.”

“We are really excited and honored to be PepsiCo’s Supplier of the Year,” says Kathy Miller, president and owner of Total Event Resources. “Much of the credit goes back to PepsiCo – they gave us the freedom to stretch the boundaries and get creative.”

Experiential Engagement

Every year, PepsiCo brings together 200 suppliers and 450 attendees for networking, learning and fun at their National Training Summit and Annual Tradeshow. For the past three years, Total Event Resources has developed a new theme and strategically aligned an “experiential engagement” activity to give suppliers the opportunity to relay three key points about their latest products, techniques and offerings to attendees.

In 2009, Total Event Resources developed a baseball-themed event which included “Batter Up!” a game to engage attendees and encourage networking.


In 2010, Total Event Resources delivered a NASCAR-inspired program, “CRANK IT UP!,” which included the “PepsiCo Piston Cup” race.



In 2011, Total Event Resources found a new way to “gamify” this national vendor expo by creating an electronic networking game, modeled after a well-known family board game. The use of mobile networking devices was a new and exciting twist. At each booth, a simple swipe of the device over an RFID tag registered the visitor and uploaded key information onto his or her device.



Award-Winning Design

In addition to being named PepsiCo Supplier of the Year for 2011, Total Event Resources was also awarded a N.I.C.E. Chicago Excellence Award for Best Corporate Event over $75K for the 2010 PepsiCo “CRANK IT UP!” event from the International Special Events Society (ISES).